Kidney Dialysis or Transplantation; The Right One?

Kidney Dialysis or Transplantation; The Right One?

Kidney dialysis or transplantation; which is right for me?

When an individual’s kidney fails, he either has to undergo a kidney transplant treatment or have to undertake a dialysis treatment on a regular basis. However, patients suffering from kidney failure consider it really difficult to find a person who will happily say that “I want to sale my kidney.” But yes, if you choose any of the two, there are infinite ways in which this choice may affect you. So, read more, and know which alternative suits you the best!

Kidney transplant- a positive step towards secure future

A lot of patients usually consider dialysis as a life-saving alternative. Dialysis can keep you alive for a period of time, in fact, it performs only 10% task of what your real kidneys do! While it can be considered as an economical method for a short span of time, continuous dialysis for several years may not only lead to several health-related issues, but it may also leave you with no money in hand.

Dialysis not only disrupts your regular ways of living, but more than half of your life is spent in dealing with hospital bills and medicines! And none of us wish to experience that! Dialysis can even lead to problems like- Anemia (caused by a shortage of RBC, which reduces the availability of oxygen and body strength) Bone disease, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Nerve Damage and several Infections.

So is kidney transplant a better alternative?

While these were some of the ways how your dialysis could affect you, choosing a kidney transplant can serve you with a complete opposite and a positive manner. It has been observed that the kidney of a living person functions efficiently for about 12 to 20 years, while the one of a deceased person may still let you live a happy life for 8 to 12 years.

kidney transplant and dialysis

Moreover, patients who have never undergone dialysis and are directly going through the kidney replacement can lead a happy life of about 10 to 15 years longer. Transplant around the age of 40 or 50 largely benefit the patients. However, even the patients of 75 years can get an extra life of about 4 to 5 years after the transplant, if they have relied on dialysis earlier. A lot of specialists and researchers have supported the fact that people who experience transplant lead a healthy life than the ones who have been living on dialysis for years. And thus, it is ultimately a better and secure way to stay away from any further body problem.

Other benefits of kidney transplant

Well, a kidney transplant may be an expensive deal for you, but if you get successful in procuring a kidney from a healthy person, and from the one who is ready for kidney sale or donation, then this is definitely a boon for you! It is just like a onetime investment which will give you fruitful years of a healthy lifestyle throughout your life. Thus, if you wish to lead a happy life, without being dependent on someone else, then always go for kidney transplant rather than choosing dialysis and risking your life.


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