Human Semen Health and Function

Human Semen Health and Function

Know all about the Human semen: health and function

The capacity to producing an offspring is an amazing quality that nature has gifted human being with. It is incredible how man and woman can contribute to the birth of a new being. Both the male and female bodies contribute equally to the process, where the female body carries the child, the traits and genes come from the male member.  It is the semen that plays a vital role in the process of reproduction. It plays a very important role not only during the reproduction but in the sex life of a person as well.  If you want to know more about functioning and health of the semen, then keep reading.

About the human semen

Semen, which is technically known as seminal fluid is mainly responsible for the reproduction process. It contains sperms that fertilize the egg in female body and help in conceiving. This organic fluid is secreted by the sexual glands known as gonads and other sexual organs in males. When we talk about the human sperm specifically, there a lot more elements besides the spermatozoa. It contains other enzymes like fructose, proteolytic, etc. the seminal fluids plays as a medium to the sperms so that they can move or swim to the female egg.  This fluid is produced by a gland present in the pelvis, and the process of discharge of semen is known as ejaculation.


Chemical properties of human semen

Human semen carries a lot of properties with it. According to a research made it was stated that the average chemical composition of a human semen includes- calcium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, sodium, zinc, urea, protein, glucose, lactic acid, fructose, etc. the quality of the semen is used to determine its fertilization capacity. The volume of the semen varies from person to person. Generally, the quantity of semen produced in an average person is around one teaspoon.

Human semen: health and function

Besides being able to reproduce, the human semen also has some good as well as harmful effects on human health. Studies have shown that semen carries antidepressant effects and can find different types of cancers as well.  It can help in controlling the pregnancy-related problem of high blood pressure and many other benefits. The harmful health effect of semen is that it can become a cause of several sexually transmitted diseases.  It can cause the transmission of disease like HIV AIDS, gonorrhea, herpes, genital warts and much more.

The major function of semen is to regulate the sperm count in men and maintain the fertility. If the production of semen in men is not proper, then the person may have to face problems like impotence, reduced sex drive, premature ejaculation, decreased libido, etc. There have been cases when men with these kinds of problems start relating it to their kidney. They start looking out for the options like kidney donate for money to solve the problem. However, kidney sale is not the solution to this. If you face improper formation of semen or any other problem stated above, you must consult a doctor or opt for some of the effective home remedies.


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