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Human Liver: Understanding Liver Cancer, Precautions

Human liver: understanding liver cancer and precautions to stay alert and healthy Liver cancer is one of those life-ending diseases which have been threatening the whole mankind for years. You will never even know, but this disease will slowly kill you from inside leaving just a bare body with no power and strength to function. […]

Averting the Legacy of Kidney Failure

Averting the legacy of kidney failure; focus on childhood Human body and organs certainly undergo ultimate changes with the different stages of their life. Kidney failure has been one of the most critical issues that prevailed in humans since long. However, due to unbalanced lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits, now the kids themselves are facing […]

Kidney Dialysis or Transplantation; The Right One?

Kidney dialysis or transplantation; which is right for me? When an individual’s kidney fails, he either has to undergo a kidney transplant treatment or have to undertake a dialysis treatment on a regular basis. However, patients suffering from kidney failure consider it really difficult to find a person who will happily say that “I want […]

Kidney Disease: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

In-depth study of Kidney disease: causes, symptoms, and treatment Every organ of our body, whether internal or external, is associated with a certain critical task that it has to perform. The overall balance of our body starts weakening if even a single cell stops its function. The flow of our blood, water and important fluids […]

Human Heart: Disease, Symptoms, Causes, Solution

The complete description of Human heart: disease, symptoms, causes, and solution Our heart is just like any other muscle in our body. As blood and oxygen are the two primary fluids that run our body, the heart also requires an adequate flow of each of these to function well. Our heart, not only pumps the […]

Human Semen Health and Function

Know all about the Human semen: health and function The capacity to producing an offspring is an amazing quality that nature has gifted human being with. It is incredible how man and woman can contribute to the birth of a new being. Both the male and female bodies contribute equally to the process, where the […]

Best Food for Erectile Dysfunction Cure

Energize your Life with the Best Food for Erectile Dysfunction Cure: It is often believed that male impotence is a matter of age and genes. However, this is not a complete truth as there are certainly other factors contributing to the problem of erectile dysfunctioning.  With the increasing pollution, inactive lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits, […]


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